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Marijuana decriminalization – a perspective

The push to legalize marijuana is very intense.

India is one of many countries where marijuana is legalized. Many Odias living in North America may have first hand experience of socially using this. In not too distant past when alcoholic drinking was not socially acceptable, marijuana was in forms of delicious mixes. As a matter of fact there were some religious days (Pana Sankrati) on which it was a drink for celebration. In some temples it is a regular drink of choice by priests and public. In modern days both alcohol and marijuana drinks are legal. From this point of view we may have direct experience with both. Can we comment? Read on

What is Marijuana?

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From the pen of a Heroin user

An overdose almost killed me.  But I could not make myself stop.  Read on

Pot-smoking parents: What about the kids? Read on