When you suspect some loved one is depressed

Gently extend your support – it makes a difference and most of the times it is the only thing that’s needed. Read on….

Is it a gene?

Have I inherited the gene that has robbed her of so much of life’s joy? Read on….

Should states cut funding for mental-health     c are? Hey no.

Three years after the Sandy Hook mass shooting…..Read on

San Bernardino shooters long were radicals …. Read on


Flight 9525

Flight 9525 Crash was not an accident (3_26_2015):
Flight recordings point to a deliberate act by co-pilot. Read on

Co-pilot in jet crash said to have had depression(3_27_2015). Read  on

Lively Arts

Classical Music & Dance

If not lively, these forms of art do not fully touch audience heart. The survival of an art needs appreciation from the supporters and sponsors.  The article to follow here describes a sponsor and why he sponsors it.  The most important point here is that the sponsor couple’s $33 M investment in the community is because of the fact that the family cannot fully appreciate, even a classical performance of “The Nutcracker” in Kennedy Center without live music. They say, “We noticed that there is no live musics recently.  And a ballet without live music is very difficult, because it’s a kind of communication between the musicians and the dancers.” Read on