FDA Warnings

Superbug outbreak warning

At issue is a specialized endoscope inserted down the throats of about 500,000 patients annually to treat cancers, gallstones and other ailments of the digestive system.  This devise is hard to clean. The warning came after detection of the drug-resistant “superbug” incident the UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center 2014 fall.  The cause is the uncleaned duodenoscope shown below. Read on


FDA sets standards on fruits, vegetables

Illness caused by tainted food among the reasons for safety rules. Read on

Social Problem Solving

Looking through the rear mirror

When navigating  the life whatever you are, social challenges may seem to present themselves dead locked.  By the time one solves one problem the next problem comes up.  The most recent social challenge in  America is the racism and disconnect between whites and blacks in policing our assets. Tomorrow, with shift in demographics, it could be any body.  It is interesting to pay attention  how an improved society try to solve a problem. The newly appointed FBI director’s approach is ….Read on