OG Currency

Here are description of a community currency system.  A review of a Baltimore Green Currency system is available for a sample system.

A OG_Currency_Model_Adaptation_Update draft for Odishagateway can be accessed here.

Another time based money system,  (Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank, BASE) under consideration.

The Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank,  BACE, is a community of reciprocal exchange that aims to create a resilient web of relationships between individuals and with community service organizations.

The Timebank helps facilitate better communication and distribution of resources while encouraging community-building through more in person contact at complementary events, classes, skillshares, swaps, nonprofit volunteering opportunities and organizational partnerships.

Bitcon value soars December 8, 2017

For up update date follow blog by Michelle Singletary (http://www.michellesingletary.com/home.html site), The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (www..cftc.gov/bitcon), and American Enterprise Institute   (www.aei.org).


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