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DC area Gardening Connections

An article published by Virginia COOP Extension describes how to extend the gardening season by a cold/hot box.  This article is good for DC area gardeners.

There are also publications available from the University of Maryland Read on

Leaf Mold compost or wood mulch in College Park, Maryland 

One can buy wood mulch and screened or unscreened Leaf Mold compost here. Read on 

Garden Planning

Planning to raise a garden (including a raised garden) in DC Metro area? Read on

Lawn and Gardening Calendar for DC Metro area Lawn_and_Garden_Calendar

Another reference on Common Sense Garden Guide

Shown below is a sunny and windy afternoon in Sukanti’s garden.

One thought on “Lawn and Garden”

  1. I saw the beautiful back yard of Sukanti. I believe that this display of handmade garden must be the outcome of hard labor of both Sukanti and Surendra babu. I neither have knowledge or resources to make my home garden as beautiful as theirs.

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