The ‘other talk’ with your children!

As parents, we care for our children until they can fend for themselves. The one day, the roles are reversed. Our kids become the caretakers. Read on

Aging in an adapted country 

Aging in an adapted country has its own challenges besides the fact that it is a common challenge world-wide.  The ethnicity, economy, and  cultural factors affect the way one has to consider in navigating his/her life. A recent study by Pew Research Center summarized by Tara Bahrampour in Washington Post  is worth a reading.

Hospice…..physical, emotional, and economical issues. Read on

Study links older dads to mental woes in kids

Older fathers may face higher risks than previously thought for having children with psychiatric problems.  Read on

Can we express our innermost thoughts to …. in the 21st century?

Are we, the geographically, temporally, and technologically dispersed folks, the only ones struggling to express ourselves? Not so. Even in the same geographical setting (Japan) temporal and technological factors make the life tough.  The following Japanese example is interesting to read because there is so much overlap in our social life and family values.  In Japanese society the expression of innermost thoughts is considered awkward or self-indulgent.  Ishizuka was never able to find the right moments to share such personal things with his family. So last month he joined the growing ranks of elderly Japanese who are writing down what they cannot manage to say.


Is solitude a disease? Carolyn Hax

In Japan, dying is a lively industry

Desire to spend on departures means the arrival of business opportunities. Read on

Who live longer, rich or poor?

Rich boomers likely to live longer than poor, study says. Read on

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