Our recommended Restaurants

We recommend restaurants based on our own visits, suitability to western visitors, and cleanliness of premises.

In Vienna, Virginia area

Bombay Tandoor – 8603 West Wood Center Drive, Vienna, VA 22182, 703-734-2202, 703-734-2457 (Fax) CLICK HERE for details.

Homeopathic Medicine Stores in Washington, DC area

(1) Village Green Apothecary – 5415 W Cedar Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, (301) 530-0800, http://www.myvillagegreen.com/

(2) National Center for Homeopathy, 101 S. Whiting Street, #315, Alexandria, VA 22304, (703) 506-7667,  http://www.homeopathic.org/

(3) McLean Pharmacy 1392 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia 22101 Phone: 571-488-6030 http://www.mcleanrx.com/

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  1. There are so many ways you can follow up. If you share what exactly you are looking for we can provide more help. For example, is it going to be personal or commercial use.


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