Our recommended Restaurants

We recommend restaurants based on our own visits, suitability to western visitors, and cleanliness of premises.

In Vienna, Virginia area

Bombay Tandoor – 8603 West Wood Center Drive, Vienna, VA 22182, 703-734-2202, 703-734-2457 (Fax) CLICK HERE for details.

Homeopathic Medicine Stores in Washington, DC area

(1) Village Green Apothecary – 5415 W Cedar Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, (301) 530-0800, http://www.myvillagegreen.com/

(2) National Center for Homeopathy, 101 S. Whiting Street, #315, Alexandria, VA 22304, (703) 506-7667,  http://www.homeopathic.org/

(3) McLean Pharmacy 1392 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia 22101 Phone: 571-488-6030 http://www.mcleanrx.com/


Professor Bibhuti Deo (Physics) Passed away

The following note came from Dr. Sodananda Torasia, ex Principal Secretary of Science, State of Odisha.

“My dear Surendra,
I am deeply aggrieved to inform you that Bibhuti Deo, Professor of Physics passed away last night (May 28 2016) at about 9.00 P.M.

Many of us all over the world had been very closely associated with him either as students or colleagues. His was the one of the household names as a lead scientist in Odisha (1960/70), well remembered by  all aspiring future scientists/engineers. We do not have any additional information on this sad news.

Our heartfelt condolences for the family.

Dr. Sarbeswar Acharya Passed away

Dr. Sarbeswar Acharya, passed away today, November 16, 2015 at 3:15 PM peacefully. He is survived by his wife Tara, three sons Prabhat (Babuni), Arun (Bagu), and Arnaba (Ana), and two grand children.

He retired from the Department of Energy as a Senior Executive. He received  Master’s degree in Physics from Delhi university and served as a lecturer in Physics in Ravenshaw College before coming to USA.  He received his Ph. D. in Physics degree from Univercity of Maryland, College Park.

We express our deep condolences  for the family.

Funeral arrangements are being worked out (it is scheduled for Wednesday). Details of funeral arrangement will be posted when available.

FDA Warnings

Superbug outbreak warning

At issue is a specialized endoscope inserted down the throats of about 500,000 patients annually to treat cancers, gallstones and other ailments of the digestive system.  This devise is hard to clean. The warning came after detection of the drug-resistant “superbug” incident the UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center 2014 fall.  The cause is the uncleaned duodenoscope shown below. Read on


FDA sets standards on fruits, vegetables

Illness caused by tainted food among the reasons for safety rules. Read on

Social Problem Solving

Looking through the rear mirror

When navigating  the life whatever you are, social challenges may seem to present themselves dead locked.  By the time one solves one problem the next problem comes up.  The most recent social challenge in  America is the racism and disconnect between whites and blacks in policing our assets. Tomorrow, with shift in demographics, it could be any body.  It is interesting to pay attention  how an improved society try to solve a problem. The newly appointed FBI director’s approach is ….Read on

Liability Issues of a Recommendation Letter

Liability issues of a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?

Randi W. v. Muroc Joint Unified School District, 60 Cal. Rptr. 2d 263 (1977) writers of LOR (Letter of Reference) knew that the former employee had been accused of making sexual advances toward students. Despite this, they recommended him for any position, without reservation.  The person was hired and sexually molested a female student. The student sued the former employer and the California Supreme Court held that “the writer of a LOR owes a duty to prospective employers and third persons not to misrepresent the facts is describing the qualifications and character of a former employee, if making those representations would present a substantial, foreseeable risk of physical injury to the prospective employer or third persons.”   Read on



We congratulate Mr. Binod Bihari Nayak for his recently published (soon to be available in the market) book on “The Synergy of Microfinance.”  From the desk of the publisher:

“The Synergy of Microfinance underlines the significance of innovative financial and risk management tools and non-financial complementary services by microfinance institutions in poverty alleviation. It undertakes a nuanced analysis of financial instruments— microcredit, microsavings, microinsurance, microleasing and payment systems for money transfer— and non-financial services such as social intermediation, livelihood promotion and access to broader market place.

Given the diminished expectations on microcredit impact, the book highlights results from randomized control trial (RCT)-based studies around the world. It argues that exclusive access to microcredit alone may not suffice in alleviating poverty on a mass scale and could pose a financial risk for poor households or households that over-borrow. There is also a discussion on the Andhra Pradesh microfinance crisis of 2010, and the developments that took place in its aftermath. Read on.


Sushama Rath

We are deeply saddened by the sudden death of Mrs. Sushama Rath on August 19, 2014.  No further detail about funeral arrangements is available.

Krupasindhu Kar

Retired Reader in Physics, Krupasindhu Kar passed away night of  March 5, 2015 in the Bhubaneswar Apolo hospital.  He received  his M. Sc. degree from Ravenshaw Collge (now Ravenshaw University) in 1964 and pursued an academic career.  His students and contemporaries are spread around the world.

We share our sadness and sympathy with the family.

(Details are offered by classmate/colleague Brahmananda Mohanty at Bhubaneswar)


On the road to happiness

A measure of mood booster

A mathematical model representation of mood booster has been  applied by researchers at the Max Planck UCL (University College London) Center for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research to determine what causes it.   According to the study author and neurologist Robb Rutledge, “Happiness is not about how well you are doing in general but rather if you are doing better than expected.”  Can we use this knowledge to boost our own well-being?  Read on

Community enhancement